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5 Fantastically Creative Baby Shower Ideas!

Here are 5 fantastically creative ideas that I found at my SIL’s baby shower I recently attended.

  1. Post Card Dinner: I have to say this was my most favorite of all 5 because it was such an original way of presenting it. This gift costs as little as a pre-stamped post card and a dinner. The idea is to pre-address a postcard to yourself and fill it out with a message like this:
  2. Diaper Raffle: This is definetly a very close second to my favorite. (Why didn’t we think of this before?) If you are hosting the party, include a note in the invitation that if they bring a bag of diapers (any size) they will be included in a special raffle. My SIL won’t have to buy diapers for a while, even with twins! This was extremely popular. (I actually won the raffle!)

    Note: Babies use an average of 2,788 diapers in the first year. A cost of about $560!
  3. Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths: See my post Fashionable Burp Cloths (Of course I had to add my baby shower gift as one of the 5! LOL! I can’t take credit though for the originality.)

  4. Car/Stroller Carrier Cover: One of the gals that threw the shower had seen a pattern very much like one in this link and made them. She embellished the fabric loops that attach to the handle with buttons and bows. Instructions and picture for Carrier Cover are from Small Fry and Co blog. Or here is the tutorial she used from Make It Do for making the one for the baby shower.

  5. Candy Bar Game: At the shower we played the classic game of ‘Match’ using two boards that had numbered flaps. One board listed the clue and the other board had the name of the candy bars. The idea was to match the candy bar name to the clue that had to do with pregnancy, child birth, and babies. Melanie N. who made the game was so gracious to give me pictures, instructions, and printouts for you! Here is a link to the instructions on my PRINTABLES page.

    I got a yummy TWIX bar!
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