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What Do You Do with a Cake Mix?

Do you ever have too many cake mixes and don’t know what to do with them besides bake the basic cake recipe?

Well, I’m in that predicament!

The sales on cake mixes always seem to be on the day that I forgot to eat breakfast before I went shopping. Who can pass up the 99 cent per cake mix sale when your stomach is calling to you?

Devil’s Food Chocolate…

Moist Yellow…

Lucious Lemon…

Strawberry Delight…

I’m in food heaven when I walk down that isle!

I have way too many boxes in my pantry and I need to use them before they expire, but who wants plain cake?

Help me use up my cake mixes by commenting below with a link to a recipe that uses a cake mix (any flavor)… if it is from YOUR blog… all the better!

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14 comments to What Do You Do with a Cake Mix?

  • I usually make cupcakes! I’ve been wanting to try adding pumpkin to a spice cake mix….
    Blond Duck recently posted..Pumpkin Bread

  • Lindsay Pulido

    Edible play dough that tastes good and can be any color! I made this for a story time activity at the library. The kids loved it!
    Margarine makes the dough less brittle than butter when refrigerated (if your play dough is going to make it that far).

    My other favorite uses for cake mixes are cake mix cookies ( and cake balls. I seem to always be running out of chocolate cake mixes.

  • Laura Walmer

    Brian loves the 99 cent cake mixes too. Stocks up on them. I, personally, would rather have a made from scratch cake, but sometimes is too time consuming. I do have two frosting/filling recipes I really like.
    If you like chocolate, here’s an Oreo cake:
    Make two round devil’s food chocolate cakes – as usual.
    Filling: mix 8 oz cream cheese, 2C cool whip, 1/2C sugar, 12 crushed up oreo cookies. Beat cream cheese and sugar with hand mixer, then stir in cool whip and cookies.
    Icing: Melt 4oz semi sweet chocolate and 1/4 C butter in a microwave safe bowl for 1-2 minutes, until melted, stirring every 30 seconds. Pour over the top of the cake.

    The second cake is a lemon cake:
    Make a lemon or yellow cake mix as directed.
    Frosting: Mix 1/3 C lemon juice, 2C powdered sugar & 2T melted butter.
    Poke holes in the top of the warm cake with a fork. Pour the frosting over the top. Let it cool. The icing gets in the middle of the cake and tastes YUMMY!

    I haven’t made them (Brian has), but you could try woopie pies. there’s a recipe using a cake mix on

    I, personally, don’t like the cookies that are made from cake mixes. Too dry and hard.

    Good luck

  • Evelyn

    I buy them on sale, sometimes 88 cents and then never make them as time flys and I’m not really into cake…but my mother would take a jar of fruit, usually peaches and pour a cake mix over top ( usually yellow cake) and bake…a fruit cobbler! Maybe you could do that if I got the pears to you! I think chocolate cake would be good over cherries or mixed berries. Of course you have to serve it with vanilla icecream too and always serve warm.

  • Evelyn

    I forgot…you could always bake them and then freeze the layers and then use at your convenience. I think refrigerated cakes are more moist and thus more yummy!

  • I know some people are homemade only people, but I love a good cake mix recipe. I buy them all the time too and often find myself looking for ways to use them up. I attached the recipe for my favorite chocolate cake recipe. I also love this pumpkin whoopie pie recipe, it is perfect for this time of year!
    Hope you find a new go to recipe in your search!
    BigFatBaker recently posted..Secret Recipe Club 8/22: Quick Chocolate Cakes

  • I have no solution but I had to laugh at the topic of this post. Ever since we got married, my husband always brings home a cake in a box. I’m the one that bakes from scratch…never thought I’d write that.
    Oh wait on second thought, here’s a recipe on my blog that uses cake mix as an ingredient instead of the final thing.
    Death By Chocolate
    Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves recently posted..Recipe: Chicken Quesadillas

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